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Vuokatti is a famous ski resort in Finland, a place quite popular with Russian tourists. Not the best ski resort, however, at one time was promoted in Russia and Ukraine as the coolest. We had no interest in going to Vuokatti, but turned up the case. Next to the resort, we opened the Angry Birds Children’s Park, we were at the opening of this park, which we already had a report about. Well, if we were close, we decided to see the ski resort itself.

Many people think that the resort Vuokatti is located in Lapland – this is not so. The resort is located near the town of Kajaani in the province of Kainu, and Lapland is still far away. Just for many, the snowy north of Finland is already Lapland, as it were. We reached the slopes of Vuokatti in the evening, and we planned to visit the Angry Birds park the next day.

Vuokatti center, where you can find out all the information, rent an inventory and just have a snack. Hesburger is the Finnish equivalent of McDonalds.

At Vuokatti we were in December before the holidays, so many of the slopes were still closed. Suljettu means closed.

But the guns are throwing snow with might and main. A year later, when the Olympics open in Sochi, real Finnish snow will creak under the feet of skiers, biathletes and snowboarders. Of course, from Suomi to the Black Sea will not be lucky, just a tender for the supply of special machines for the production of snow won the Finnish well-known company Onninen. Ski resorts in Finland open their season in the autumn, thanks to such machines.

In general, this is an interesting sight to watch the ski resort in the evening: lights, clouds of snow from the cannons, silence …

Of course, I wanted to look at the existing slopes, let’s go search.
Found It seems people walk.
The most curious is, of course, prices. Is not it?
Shop with ski equipment – everything is as it should be.
Restaurant cafe overlooking the slopes – how could it be without it?
Vuokatti – the northern resort!

We are not lovers of skiing, so we went to rest. The next day was a visit to the park Angry Birds, after which we decided to climb the mountain of Vuokatinvaara. But how to do it without a lift? It does not matter, the road leads up almost to the mountain and ends with parking. At the top of the mountain you need to walk two hundred meters. We are going.
How beautiful this northern forest is!

Judging by the signs – in the summer there are plenty of walking routes. It will be necessary somehow to call in the summer. We know that the places here in the summer are just wonderful! At every step of the lake!
To see the directions, you need to clean the pointers a little.

We did not find a direct pointer to the mountain, we had to rely on intuition – to go along the only cleared path. Around – a winter fairy tale!

All this reminded us of the ascent of the mountain Ukko-Koli, where we visited before.
We walked up the stairs. You look around, and breath captures.
And here is a house of some kind. Looks like a black bath!
It looks like it’s not a bath. Yes, and what a bath to do on the mountain? Is this some kind of transformer? Wooden? Can someone explain what it is?

Some kind of information board. Anyone guess what’s the sign of the ban under the crust of snow?
Fiuu … the skier flew like a Finn on skis (sorry for the tautology).
Shhshsh …. the second one flew by. Somewhere near the slope.
Yes! We are at the very top of the mountain Vuokatinvaara, just here one of the lifts of the resort delivers skiers.

Good to learn Finnish. Ravintola – restaurant, toimisto – office, rinteet – slopes, kaytä – use, kielletty – is prohibited.
The height of the hill is about 300 meters. Not high, but the view from the mountain is cool!

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Vuokatti - the northern resort!
Vuokatti is a famous ski resort in Finland, a place quite popular with Russian tourists. Not the best ski resort, however, at one time was promoted in Russia and Ukraine…


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