Gudauri: skiing
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Breakaway Point, or the Great Races at La Plagne
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Climb the mountains almost 4 kilometers to one of the most beautiful peaks of Europe.See all the incredible majesty of the Alps and the snow-covered Mont Blanc.To feel dizzy from a completely different pressure than we are used to on earth, and to expose our face to the biting alpine wind. In this place I want to say – to visit and try everything.

This is really an incredibly beautiful place that leaves absolutely no one indifferent.

Moreover, in our time to realize this desire is not so difficult – the lift in 20 minutes will lift you from a height of 1053 meters to 3842 – almost above the Alps …

The peak of Aiguille do Midi is probably the second most famous peak after Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Every day there are more than 2 thousand visitors – ordinary tourists, climbers, snowboarders and other outdoor enthusiasts. The summit got its name due to the fact that if you look at it from Chamonix at noon, the sun is exactly above the peak.

You can reach the top by the cable car, which was built in 1955. By the way, this Chamonix-Aiguille do Midi cable car is the highest in Europe, raising the visitor more than 2.5 kilometers up, and until 1975 it was the highest in the world. However, by the height difference between the lower and upper stations, it still holds the first place in the world.

The trailer intervenes 40 passengers, and in an hour the cable car can lift up to 550 people to the top.

The cost of a round-trip ticket is 50 euros.

At an altitude of 2317, there is an intermediate station Plan de l’Aiguille, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Chamonix valley, and you can also climb the hiking routes to Aiguille du Midi. By the way, a lot of paragliders take off from the plateau near this station.

Often, rising to the upper station, you can get into the thick heavy clouds that cling to the alpine peaks. I must say that this spectacle is very impressive, especially if it is rising just at noon, when the sun hangs exactly above the top.

Approaching the peak, on which are located viewing platforms and cafes.

And here it is that very moment, which I mentioned just above, a cloud caught on the peak and the cabin dives into thick fog, as if in Mordor. The sun, barely making its way through the cloud, forms a beautiful halo

Upper station at the very peak. Side view

In fact, the peak consists of several peaks, which are interconnected by transitions and tunnels cut into the rock.

On the Aiguille du Midi there are several observation platforms located on different levels. The upper one, located at an altitude of 3842 meters, rises above the lowest one by more than 70 meters.

Inside the cliff there is a whole network of tunnels, both for the transition between viewing platforms, and for going on climbing routes.

At the highest observation deck you need to climb on the free elevator. Inside it is a height meter. At one time, the elevator takes no more than 10 people, but for some reason, not all visitors want to climb to the top

A sign on the upper viewing platform that reminds you where you are.

Top of Aiguille Du Midi. 3842 meters above sea level

Another of the tunnels. It leads to the access to the climbing route to Mont Blanc

Cave-out. Since there is always snow here, which creates a dense snow-ice crust on the north side, you will not even notice how the tunnel from the rock turned into ice.

Tourist and mountains. By the way, when climbing to Aiguille du Midi, it should be borne in mind that the difference in temperature between the lower and upper stations reaches about 20 degrees Celsius, and sometimes even more due to strong winds above. So, when we were there on June 15, in Chamonix it was +23, and on Agul du Midi -5.

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