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In the winter season, the rest on Baikal is full of vivid impressions of the beauty of the surrounding snowy landscapes and is filled with drive from active events. Perhaps the most popular winter site at the mention of active recreation on Lake Baikal is the largest ski resort in Eastern Siberia, Mount Sobolinaya, located near the city of Baikalsk on the northern slope of the mountain of the same name. to enjoy the excellent skiing and magnificent scenery of winter Baikal during the descent.

The Sobolinaya mountain belongs to the Khamar-Daban ridge system, which stretches for 250 kilometers along the Baikal from Kultuk to the Posolsky litter. The resort has 11 tracks, the total length of which is about 16 km. Every weekend up to 3.5 thousand fans of extreme rest from all over Russia, who miss their snow drive, gather here.

An important feature of Sobolina Mountain is its openness, accessibility and convenience for skiers of any degree. Here everyone will find entertainment to taste. At this resort, you can just walk, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains and the sparkling ice fields of Baikal, and you can rush along the steep slopes, raising clouds of snowy dust on bends that take your breath away. There is enough space for couples with children (training slopes and tubing tracks work for them) and youth companies choosing extreme routes. The resort offers health programs in its own treatment center, any of the guests can always use the full range of additional services – SPA center , saunas, swimming pool, sports halls are always open. The Baikal ski resort “Mountain Sobolinaia” today is a network of certified trails and lifts, qualified instructors and a ski patrol, mountain rental olyzhnogo and snowboard equipment and luggage room, a sports shop, a parking lot, a network of ski-bars and restaurants. The capacity of the ski complex today exceeds 3,500 people per day.

Breathtaking views of the entire southern tip of Baikal from a bird’s eye view and 16 km of trails of various levels of complexity are complemented by a large number of places where you can comfortably spend a few days off with family and friends.

Facts and Figures
12 certified trails over 16 km long.
8 lifts, including a chairlift.
The average daily temperature in winter is -10-15 ° C.
In the velvet season (April-May) -3 ° С.
The thickness of the snow cover is about 2 m.
The maximum elevation difference is 500 m.
The highest mark is 1004 m.
The duration of the season is 180 days (beginning of November – beginning of May).
Three comfortable hotels that can accommodate 192 people at the same time.
How to get there
By car: (view the route) from Irkutsk to the Kultuk road exit and then follow the federal road M-55 through Kultuk, Slyudyanka, Baikalsk. The distance from Irkutsk to Baikalsk is 150 km. By car from Irkutsk to Baikalsk, the journey takes 2.5-3 hours.

By taxi: (view route) point of departure at the railway station of Irkutsk (ul. Chelnokova, 1; tel.spravochnoy 8-902-767-8618, 8950-139-56-43 or 8902-76-210-96) . Travel time is 3.5-4 hours.

By train or train: (view route) to the station “Baikalsk” can be reached both by intercity train (Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk-Naushki) and by train Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude. Schedule must be clarified at the railway station.

Sobolinaya Mountain is an attractive, prepared ski slope for skiing. The slopes are perfect for teaching beginners to skating, for experts, as well as for mental skating and rest from the bustle of the city in the fresh air. The preparation of the ski slopes is carried out by several snow sealing machines.

At the ski resort work:

– 1 cableway (PPD). – 4 towing cableways (BKD). – 2 unsupported elevator (PD), on the “learning side”.

Access to the cable cars is carried out using plastic cards. When passing through the turnstiles of the Austrian company “Axess-500”, the card is triggered at a distance of 0 to 20 cm from the reader, that is, you can not remove it from your pocket.

The slopes At Sobolina Mountain, the highest mark of which is 1004 meters above sea level, branched trails of varying degrees of difficulty are laid in the east and west. The total length of the tracks is more than 16 km. The elevation difference, from the drive station to the top of the mountain, is 475 m. During the competition, it is possible to place the finish line below the cable car drive, which results in a 500 m drop.

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