For winter holidays in Slovenia
Let's turn our eyes to cozy Slovenia, and see why it is worth coming here this winter. Lights of the universe In December, a lot of interesting things happen in…

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Let’s turn our eyes to cozy Slovenia, and see why it is worth coming here this winter.

Lights of the universe
In December, a lot of interesting things happen in the capital of the country – Ljubljana. The city has been famous for several years for the unusual beauty of its Christmas lighting. The most interesting part decorates the historic center of the city. The lights convey the idea of ​​the universe, where there are huge unexplored galaxies, planets, constellations. And then – microparticles of our being: a DNA helix, an atom model. You will lower your eyes, and below is a Christmas nativity scene with Maria and the baby, merry residents and guests trample under the sounds of an old barrel organ, and the flavors of goodies soar in the air. And, willy-nilly, you think about how complete our world is: there is a place for science and the legend of the Savior. And we, residents of the city and tourists who have come from everywhere, feel so kind in this atmosphere of good and fun.

Neat wooden houses are lined up along the main street and offer treats and souvenirs.

Hot sausages, cakes, honey cakes – all these are traditional treats.

In Catholic countries, it is customary to bake a lot of sweets just for Christmas: strukli, pitsa and queen of all the Gibanica pies (puff cakes, cinnamon, poppy seeds, vanilla, cottage cheese, nuts, honey, raisins).

If you get cold, you can always warm up with a cup of mulled wine or fragrant tea in the near Christmas stall.

And as a souvenir, we advise you to purchase products made by local craftsmen. Kitchen utensils made of wood, for example, a solid cutting board and a ring of crane sausage neatly placed on it, will be an original souvenir to your father-in-law. Be sure to buy a couple of ceramic angels for the Christmas tree and a warm knitted hat with mittens.

December is the month of events in Ljubljana. Despite the cold, the streets of the city come to life. Musical concerts, performances of street theaters, master classes for the whole family are held in most squares in the city center.

Such events are organized by the municipality and they are absolutely free. The tourist info bureau will tell you where and when popular music concerts, performances by folk musicians, rock bands, children’s choir, kolyada, the arrival of Santa Claus and the grandiose fireworks over the Ljubljana Castle in the New Year’s Eve will take place.

Not in the capital of one
The spirit of Christmas is omnipresent. It even penetrated underground in Postojna Pit – this is a whole chain of underground caves, tunnels and halls with a total length of 27 km.

Dress warmly and head for the excursion train, which will take you under the ground to one of the most amazing productions of Christmas history.

On the way you will meet shepherds, lambs, angels, and exceptional natural sculptures. Thousands of tiny stars will light up above your head.

And so, you were in the largest grotto, another minute and the show begins.

16 biblical scenes, 150 participants every day, and all this in a unique interior of a magnificent cave among magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. You will be something to remember.

Such Christmas performances – verteps – are an integral part of the holiday. They are shown in all cities of Slovenia. A mandatory attribute of festive decorations, Slovenes believe Christmas nursery. Not far from Lake Bled, in the town of Brezier, there is a museum of Christmas nativity scenes, where you can see 400 varieties of Christ’s Manger collected around the world. You will be amazed by the imagination and skill with which they are made: there is even a mini-nativity scene that fits in a nutshell.

“Better than the mountains can only be mountains that have not yet been …”
Winter sports are very popular in Slovenia, and ski slopes are considered among the best in the world. Championships in alpine skiing, snowboarding and ski jumping are held here.

The routes and infrastructure of the resorts are on the highest level. For beginners, including the smallest, there are excellent training schools. But the big plus of skiing here is the low cost and the opportunity to combine sports recreation with treatment in thermal resorts.

And if you do not like the downhill from alpine peaks, then you will enjoy a smooth glide along the slopes for flat skis.

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